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Online Bibles 
For several years, I had an Online Bible on this site, but as time went by some that are far more elaborate have appeared on other sites. I recommend the following as some of my personal favorites, and have included notes of what I like about them:  (Click their site names to visit them)
Audio Treasure.com A great place to go to download audio Bibles, and the source of those we have online here. Totally free if you download them, you can order a CD set of the Bible for a small fee, and that includes free and unlimited distribution  privileges so you can make copies for everyone you meet! :-)
Bible Gateway.com The most versions and languages of anything I know of online, also includes audio bibles you can listen to.
Bible Study Tools.com Many versions, plus the ability to do parallel view (two versions side by side) make this site especially useful. It also saves your study sessions and preferences from one visit to the next.
  If you know of other great sites, please send an email to admin@wordforlife.com.